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Korean Quarterly   Publication Article
Spring 2012
issue -   page 66

"Taekwondo and My Life" - essay by Miranda Wei
1st dan black belt, Young Tigers Taekwondo assistant instructor

Korean Quarterly Spring 2012 Issue - Page 66
Korean Quarterly Spring 2012 Issue - Cover Page


Courtesey of Korean Quarterly
website: www.koreanquarterly.org/Home.html

"Korean Quarterly is a non-profit publication that provides independent and alternative reporting on issues of identity, racism, politics and the arts and is a forum for the ideas and creativity of the whole Korean American community. For thirteen years, Korean Quarterly has been the publication of record for the Korean American and adopted Korean communities..."  ~ copy from - Korean Quarterly website

Korean Quarterly has readership of 23,000 primarily in the Minnessota/Chicago/midwest region

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