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Video Clip on How to Tie a belt

April, 2011



How to Tie a belt - Step by Step

tie belt
fold the  belt in half
tie belt
put the half point of the belt to near belly button then wrap the belt around the waist. pull both ends of the belt forward to make sure the two ends of the belt, right and left end are about same length.
tie belt
while holding the belt in place in front of the belly button with left hand, use right hand to start to make a knot with the right end of the belt
tie belt
Bring the right end of the belt upward through inside of the both layers of belt near belly button, tighten the knot by pulling the each end out. then begin to make 2nd knot.
tie belt
fold left end belt then bring down the right end of the belt to wrap around the left end of the belt
tie belt
make the 2nd knot and tighten the belt.
tie belt
done - both ends are even length
Illustrations by H B Kim  


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