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Warm Fuzzies

Quotes of Short Stories
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My Pal

Early postings:
"The Thing I Value Most"
"A Keeper"
"That is Why I Teach Music"
"Emperor's Seed"
"Unexpected Joy"
"Skinny Santa"
"Playing A Violin With Three Strings..."
"Different Point of View"
"Making Time For A Teenager"
"The Class Jock"
"School Bus Driver"
"Strangers with Amazing Hearts"
" Nicest Thing . . . "
"Dear Santa . . ."
"If I Had My Life To Live Over"
"Eleanor Roosevelt wrote...."
"Baseball Story"
"The Teacher"

These stories are shared here to show this world is a beautiful place to live.

If you have short stories to share, send the contents
to webmaster to post to this section or
 if you found a story at website,
send the web address link.

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